The Julia


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The Julia is designed with sustainable living in mind.

The Julia has achieved a perfect Energy Star rating of 100, placing it among the most efficient 1% of buildings in its peer group in the USA.

This is how The Julia brings sustainable living to your home:

Daylight optimized design

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood your space with natural light and dual-pane windows moderate effects of weather changes on inside temperatures

High efficiency full size washers, dryers in every unit

Use less detergent and less water while extending the life of your favorite pair of jeans

100% LED lighting systems

Our LED lighting systems save energy, reduce costs and provide a cozy glow

Low VOC paint

Lowers impact on air quality and reduces “fresh paint” odors

Organic trash disposal

Composting food scraps (& more!) has never been easier

Pollinator friendly landscapes

Our rooftop gardens and building landscapes contain native, pollinator friendly plantings wherever possible

A reflective membrane roof for energy efficiency

Helps cool our little urban oasis while reducing the need for more electricity to run our air conditioners

Walk (or bike) to everything

Walking distance to the heart of the Northeast Arts District, bars, restaurants, shopping & more

Instant access to nature

The Julia is less than two blocks away from the Mississippi river and Boom Island making outdoor adventure and easy choice

Metro Transit accessibility

Work Downtown? The Julia is one block away from High Frequency Route 11, which guarantees service every 15 minutes (or better)

Electric car charging

Add hundreds of miles overnight with our 220V chargers

We support local artists

Our common area art pieces & exterior sculpture are the work of local art makers

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At The Julia, we believe that sustainability extends beyond the environment and into the community